Shoebox Parade Logo
A virtual parade of "shoebox" floats made by the Community.

Show off your crafting skills and your support for the community by partaking in our "shoebox" parade. Use whatever supplies you have on-hand to build a table-top parade float that tells a story.

The submissions will be compiled in a video montage that will be live-streamed.  You can watch this "virtual" parade and the awards presentation from the comfort of your own home.

How to Participate

Now is your chance to showcase your creativity and talents; and win fun prizes in the process! ​ The Shoebox Parade "Hyack Award" winners will be chosen from eligible entries and revealed during the live stream.

Step 1 - Create:

  • Grab a "shoe box" - Start with a base like a recently delivered online order box, or grandma's hat box, or your skateboard, or even an RC car to build on. It doesn't have to roll, but it does need to meet the minimum size requirements.
  • Find your materials - Entries should be made from things you already have at home. You could use flowers from your yard, craft supplies, construction paper, dolls/action figures, paper mache, clay, paint, markers, sequins, seeds, or anything else you can find to bring your float to life!
  • Pick a theme and start building - floats can showcase an original design, recreate (or improve upon) a historical parade float, or tell a story about your vision for future Hyack International parades!


Step 2 - Share:

  • Show us your progress - document the steps you take as you build your Shoebox Parade float. Are you making marching band uniforms for your action figures - show us how! Are you making a butterfly float that flaps its wings - let us see how it works! Post progress pictures, tips and tricks, fun teases of your theme, or even bloopers on your social media and tag us @Hyackfestival #paradinginplacenewwest #ShoeboxParade for a chance to be featured on the Hyack Festival's social media prior to parade day.
  • Submit your entry - fill out the Registration Form and send us photos of your finished creation.


Step 3 - Watch:

  • Watch the parade - See your float featured in the Shoebox Parade on Hyacks Social Media September 7th.
  • Share your participation - All participants will receive a digital certificate acknowledging their participation in Hyacks first Shoebox Parade!
How to Participate
Rules & Regulations
  • Completed floats should measure a minimum of 12” long by 10” high - there are no maximum dimensions.
  • Entries and themes must be appropriate for a family audience. Entry should not focus on religious, political, ideological, or controversial themes or issues. Use of any political sign, social or political material is not permitted.
  • Floats are not a place for commercial marketing. Businesses are welcomed and encouraged to participate with a focus on the mission of bringing community together while staying home.
  • All submissions must be received by 5:00 p.m., PST, August 31st, 2021.
  • Hyack Festival Association reserves the right to edit photos and videos as needed. 
  • Registration for the Shoebox Parade or Porch Parade and/or tagging @HyackFestival or using #paradinginplacenewwest, #porchparade, or #shoeboxparade, with related photos or videos on social media, grants the Hyack Festival Association permission to use your images and footage on any platform.
  • Hyack Festival Association reserves the right to exclude any submissions that do not meet our guidelines or that feature content not aligned with our mission.
  • "Hyack Award” winners will be chosen from eligible entries and decided at the sole discretion of the Hyack Festival Association. Winners will receive prize notifications via email and any physical awards will be sent via standard Canada post.
Rules & Regulations